Itchy dog? Any tips!

Discussion in 'Labrador health' started by Lucius Maximus, Jan 15, 2020.

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    May 29, 2018

    So Lucius has had sensitive skin since we had him when he was a puppy, but recently its gotten to the point where he's constantly scratching and itching. His skin isnt too sore but it the constant itching is causing him to scratch his skin and cause skin infections from the scratches which we have been treating. He gets the occasional rash but nothing that stays any longer than a few days. Our vet has reccomended monthly baths in some episoothe dog shampoo but is there anything else we can do? We brush him regularly and we are keeping our carpets hoovered regularly in case he might be allergic to the dust or hair in the carpet.

    I've seen some websites reccomend shaving him but I dont really want to do that unless it is my only option, I love his coat and would really hate to see it clipped off but if that would help him I'd definitley consider it.

    Any thoughts?
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    My lab has been itchy since we had him. Not helped by him having a cancer that is linked to a histamine release. The only time he has stopped completely was when he was on steroids during his chemo.
    We have a follow up oncologist appointment on Tuesday and I have asked to see a dermatologist as the specialists think hiss itching it is protein related. I have had a certain degree of success changing his diet. Initially I put him on Hills D/D which is a hydrolysed duck based kibble. That helped his stools and reduced the itching. Now he has finished chemo he is raw fed but limiting him to duck turkey and salmon at the moment. Chicken gives him real stomach issues.
    If I get any useful information from the dermatologist who is apparently well respected in his field I will post on here.
    In the meantime has your vet not suggested antihistamines or even golden paste(turmeric based)?
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    Poor him :( That must be very frustrating for you both!

    I've never heard shaving recommended for itching, and i'd definitely stick with whatever your vet recommends. Although it can't hurt to get a second opinion if you aren't getting anywhere.

    I have heard of dogs having mite allergies that cause really bad itching, so it might be worth looking into that if it's not something the vet has covered yet?

    Do let us know how he gets along!

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