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    Apr 7, 2021
    Hello, I have a lovely 5year old who constantly itches, vet has done numerous tests and they all come back at a dead end , we have spent hundreds of pounds
    Currently he is on food from the vet but I am convinced he is allergic to environmental factors . He itches his back mainly and paws but also has awful dandruff , sometimes has red eyes , when we touch his lower back he jumps like he is ultra sensitive . I have started him on Benadryl but it’s not really done anything . Has anyone had this on there dog ? Please
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    May 9, 2019
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    My dog is 31/2 and has scratched himself more than my previous dog ever did. The only time he stopped when when he was on steroids and Piriton along side his chemo treatment. It doesn’t seem to bother him too much and he has never scratched himself raw.
    We saw a dermatologist. This is what he did:-
    1. Tested his paws using sticky tape and microscope to establish that he had an overload of fungal spores on his feet.( Look up Malassezia)
    This was treated with foot washes.
    2. He was put on an 8 week elimination diet using an Analergenic dog food and nothing else.
    The fact that he was still itchy/red eyes at the end meant it was environmental not food related
    3. He was going to have skin patch tested but apparently allergy tests have moved on and he was able to have a blood test that was sent away to Holland I think(£250)
    These were his results.
    There are various options re medication but I am keeping those on the back burner to see if I can help by limiting exposure to any of these.

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