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    Here are some of the health resources on the main website and elsewhere

    Inherited diseases
    • including hip dysplasia, PRA blindness, genetic testing, epilepsy and carriers

    Accidents and operations
    • including bloat, post operative care and neutering information

    • including information on neutering and spaying choices

    Diet and exercise
    • looking at appropriate exercise, feeding, weight issues, switching to raw feeding and toxic foods

    • including unpleasant issues such as ear mites, giardia, worms, ticks and fleas

    BVA Canine Health Schemes Information
    • looking at health testing for eyes, hips, elbows and CM/SM

    Your vet
    • helping you find a good vet, understand funding and insurance

    Dental care for your Labrador
    • including periodontal disease, dental treatment, diet and cleaning

    Dogs Trust List of Poisonous Plants, Garden and Household Substances
    • things you should be extra vigilant about around your home and garden
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