Litter tray training a kitten (how?!?!)

Discussion in 'Pets Corner' started by Fwhitt246, Jul 2, 2014.

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    Jul 13, 2013
    Sorry this is about cats but I know lots of you have them so thought you might be able to help.

    Give me housetraining a puppy any day! For some reason little harry just cant get the hang of a litter tray, and even when he does he makes such a mess!! He tries to use it some of the time and is fine, other times he literally just poos somewhere completely random, and then tonight, he pooed half in,half out of the tray and somehow smeared it literally all up the wall and all across the carpet and then kitchen floor. He has 2 trays, one bigger one with high sides, and then a smaller kitten one.

    It is becoming a nightmare and the oh is seriously wanting to get rid of him. I would never normally do something like that, but at the moment just feel like its all bloody ridiculous.

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    Re: Litter tray training a kitten (how?!?!)

    Where is the litter tray? Many cats are really particular and won't use a tray if it is in the same room as their food and water. They also seek privacy so the tray should be out of sight, one of my cats like a tray to be in a cupboard with the door only slightly open. Also, have you experimented with different types of litter? Some refuse to use certain types and are fine as soon as you change over. It may also be worth using some Feliway plug-in, this can help at times with cats with litter tray issues. Hope this helps.

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