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    Jul 4, 2017
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    This is our 3rd lab however 1st puppy in 26 years.!! we were lucky with puppy #2 she came to us fully trained and was amazing... and our first was never properly i am hell bent to have Boomer trained. ( plus i am retired and no children just a house being build)I am doing ok she follows me beaurtifully on the trails and kind of knows to stay behind or beside me. if she runs ahead i call sit and she does and i go ahead . Then a little further down with her behind me i ask her to sit and i give her a treat... I dont know if thats too complicated if she is getting the treat only comes if she is beside or behind me or not... then my husband and i go for walks and that routine gets modified a bit...she gets distracted with all the nature sounds as well so its a bit overwhelming for her and I ...I started putting her on the leash as she was not listening and getting distracted..its difficult to be consistent i am finding. There is so much wide open space and no enclosed areas so that is why she must learn to follow and come when called ...

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