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    Oct 11, 2019
    North West Norfolk, UK
    Wanted to put something positive on here to try to boost anyone who is struggling. Hero, our very rambunctious and excitable, 5 month fox red boy has today proven the training is working. Two good off leash walks - one on the common, the other on a newly cut field. He was brilliant. Obeyed his recall whistle every time. Ignored the birds( which for him is a biggy). Had a fantastic time running free. This is the first time this has happened successfully. So proud of him. Will continue how we are going so he gets more and more use and try to find different distractions to test his obedience. 2 months ago we were at the point of despair but every day gets better and better
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    Jan 1, 2019
    YA!! Positive stories are definitely nice to read! If you're not already, try keeping a training log in the forum. There's a subject for it on the main forum page.
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