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Discussion in 'Labrador Puppies' started by Christina2807, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Christina2807

    Christina2807 Registered Users

    Jul 3, 2019
    We pick up our 8 week old lab puppy on 6th August. We have done loads of research and have bought a large crate with pen, beds etc.

    From experience can anyone please advise on the best puppy food to feed her (currently will be on lifestage grain free puppy kibble from Jolleys) and what is best for treats and reward training. We are happy to keep her on this food if it is going to be right for her. We will also be feeding her some raw food 1-2 times a week (livers/beef)

    What is the best toys for a puppy this age. There is so many to choose from I want to make sure we get her the best, considering I know she is a lab and they like to chew a lot!

    Who is the best insurance company to use?

    We are based in the UK. Thanks in advance!
  2. Harry's Mum

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    May 17, 2019
    Hi Christina, congratulations on your new puppy! She looks very cute and I Iove her name.
    Food wise, we feed our Harry Wainwright's grain free, which we get from Pets at Home and we tend to use little bits of leftover chicken or beef when training.
    Great piece of advice I got from Pippa's book - get some Kongs! Fill them with nice things - we use moistened kibble from his allowance, mixed with slivers of meat or cheese etc and freeze them. They're invaluable when you want pup to settle in her crate/bed/half an hour's peace
    Harry and his brother, Loki (who we look after during work hours) have had lots of chew toys, tug toys and balls, however, their favourite toy is an old (clean) laundry detergent bottle (they last for weeks before they're punctured and torn up).
    We've used Animal Friends pet insurance for our last three dogs but as we've been lucky and never had to make a claim, perhaps others will have better insight/advice.
    Good luck! I bet you can't wait until 6th August!
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  3. Janet Louise

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    Aug 9, 2018
    Hello Christina, we have a beautiful pedigree black lab now aged 15 months. On our breeder’s advice we’ve been feeding him on Royal Canin maxi puppy which has given him fantastic bone growth and excellent coat condition. He’s loved every mouthful. is a brilliant delivery service - free over £29 and reliable, one hour delivery slots. Also introduced Nature’s Menu puppy food.
    I’d second the tip about a kong or two. I put Nature’s Menu wet food inside and seal with peanut butter ( be careful what you buy - Sun Pat smooth is best, with no poisonous additives) then freeze. It keeps Reuben occupied for ages. Also antler bones and yak milk chews. They are expensive but last for ages. As for toys, you’ll need to see what he likes: a soft toy, a squeaky one, a little tug one, a ball? Don’t buy too many. Be prepared for the ankle biting, nipping and general naughtiness - I was at my wits end in the first couple of weeks but you’ll get there. Reward, reward, reward for good behaviour. Ours liked Wags duck and cranberry treats but also give chopped carrot, cucumber and apple ( not the core). We used bits of cheese and frankfurter as “ high” rewards. Puppies need to chew, chew, chew.
    Also, puppies don’t know how to go for a walk - be really patient and just let yours wear a trailing lead around the house and garden. Ours sat down for weeks - just didn’t get the idea. It’s like having a child - they will do things when their brain development allows them to. Find a reputable puppy training class but be aware it’s about teaching YOU what to do far more than the pup!
    Good luck. The first weeks/months will be hard but invest time now and you’ll end up with a lovely, kind, biddable dog.
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  4. Jo Laurens

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    Aug 25, 2018
    Jersey, Channel Islands
    Hi and congrats on the new puppy.

    For pet insurance, I highly recommend Direct Line - I've claimed many times, sometimes for thousands from them, and they have paid out without dispute. They are also more reasonably priced than, say, Pet Plan - which has excellent service and coverage but is pricey.

    For puppy chew toys, check out Yak bars and deer antlers and PetStages dog wood chews. I wouldn't recommend any of these (except for perhaps the dog wood chews) when your puppy's adult teeth come in, but they won't harm a little pup with puppy teeth and they will keep her interested more than most other chew toys.

    Food-wise, if you are prepared to feed some raw, I would highly recommend a complete raw mince. You can use this to stuff Kongs with and even to freeze. For the majority of her meals though, I would recommend Ziwipeak - this is an air-dried raw food you can handle and that means you can train with her meals...
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  5. Ruth Buckley

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    Jan 31, 2018
    If you're only doing a bit of raw feeding I wouldn't feed liver - needs introducing slowly and can lead to diarrhoea. Even a complete mince might be too much (they contain 10% offal). I'd start with something easy to digest like tripe if you can stand the smell. They sell it in Pets at Home but I prefer the organic one from Paleo Ridge. Raw bones are good too, I didn't start raw feeding til mine was older but I've seen tiny pups tucking into things like chicken wings.
    I wouldn't use sun pat peanut butter - wouldn't eat it myself either- as it contains sugar, salt and other chemicals. There are plenty around that don't. I buy Suma as organic and no palm oil (for environmental rather than dog health reasons)
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