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    May 30, 2018
    Our 11 yr old lab has always been a fairly mellow dog, but he is 11 now and lately he just seems to not be acting himself. One thing we know is he isn't hearing as well. In March he was treated for an ear infection and unfortunately the medication they used one of the side effects is deafness, I can't remember the percentage something like 80% of dogs it will return, some to all. Thankfully at that time about 3 -4 weeks later it seemed his hearing was much better. However, over the last couple of weeks, it seems to have decreased again. Not sure if this could still be a cause from medication or not.
    He has also really slowed down, he is eating, drinking and pottying fine, he just seems, slow. He seems to pant more than he did a year or more ago, I'm not sure if I would call it excessive not sure how to determine excessive or not. He doesn't seem to get "excited" as much about things he used to. He seems to have periods but not as much. Should we be concerned?
    Back in April they ran a full panel of blood work, and other tests and it was all normal, his heart is good. Is this just signs of old age? We are so scared. Oh one other thing we noticed is when he pants some times he will drool not a lot around his mouth more in the front in a single drool
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    Sorry to hear your dog doesn't seem quite right. I think you should listen to your gut instinct. It sounds as though he needs another vet check. Lots of things can cause drooling - it could be as simple as a sore tooth for example, and pain can make a dog seem a bit down - but a vet would be able to reassure you and make sure there is nothing else going on. I hope everything is okay
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    I definitely second the idea of getting him to the vet again. 11 was the age that my dog developed thyroid problems. Like you, I'd done the full blood panel several months before and all was fine, but suddenly I had a pup without his normal energy or spark. As soon as he got on thyroid medication, he was so much better again. Not saying that's what your dog has, only that things can change quickly and may be relatively simple to remedy, like my boy's thyroid or Pippa's idea of a sore tooth.

    While a larger breed than a Lab and therefore 'older' at 11 than most Labs, my boy did decide at 11 that he was 'retired'. That was the age he slowed down and started to take a decidedly 'when I want to' attitude towards work. He also went deaf that year. While I was very saddened to see signs of ageing in my boy, I have to say that I was absolutely beguiled by the sassier, (sometimes) grumpy old man version of the dog I'd loved his whole life. He made me laugh so much during his senior years! Also deafness was way more of an issue for me, he wasn't upset by it in the least. I expanded his existing hand signal repertoire and we just got on with it.

    I just mention this to say that even if some of the changes in your pup are down to age, in many ways the senior years can be even more rewarding than having a young dog, just different. I hope all goes well for you and your boy.
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