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Discussion in 'Labrador Chat' started by QuinnM15, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. QuinnM15

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    Apr 13, 2016
    Ontario, Canada
    Yesterday we took Quinn to a dog park mid day before heading to the trails - it was a week day so the park was very full with dog walkers and people on holiday, balls etc. Very chaotic and over stimulating for a young dog.

    There was a young male chocolate lab who would not return to the dog walker, we could hear them calling him before we even arrived and they could not catch him. The poor guy had a prong collar on, and when the dog walker finally caught him, she yanked the collar tight and then hit him in the side of the snout with the metal part of the leash. OH and I were stunned (and no wonder the poor guy wouldn't go to her)...I felt sick and now we both feel even worse that we didn't say anything. OH is the kind of guy that usually doesn't hesitate...but the park was so busy and filled with dog walkers that it seemed out of place. Makes me so sad to think we don't know how the people we trust with our dogs treat them. Unfortunately, the vehicle was not marked with the business name either.
  2. Naya

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    Sep 14, 2013
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    That's awful :mad:. I'm not surprised the dog didn't come when called!
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    Jan 12, 2014
  4. Emily_BabbelHund

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    That's sad. :( I never know what to do either in that situation.
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    Jun 16, 2015
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    Its terrible I once saw a dog get beaten about the head back and neck with a chain by a local thug. It broke my heart because the dog got up after and acted like this was normal. I stopped the man he threatened me my dogs. The rspca and police were involved they were warned but kept the dog. It died at home latter it was poisoned. If that dog had been in a place were it was loved and cherished he would have been a great dog. It makes me so angry even after all this time
  6. T Reischl

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    Jan 2, 2017
    Leland, NC USA
    Just GRRRRRR!!!!!

    I do not hesitate when I see something like that. The last time I saw something like that, I asked the clown if he would mind if I put that choke collar on him and gave it a few yanks? Then I opined that I might do it with or without his "permission". Last I saw him he was in full running retreat.

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