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Discussion in 'Labrador health' started by nankell1, Jun 24, 2018.

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    Jun 24, 2018
    My 5 month old yellow male lab puppy has serious back end muscle problems at night.It is defintely water and over playing related but it is not just cold water and is not just in big pool.It happens when he lays in damp grass,spills his water bowl on his ears,gets his paws wet,etc.He does not cry in pain but has a hard time getting up and sitting and walking.It seems to be getting worse even though we are limiting his play and trying to keep him out of any water.His tail is not limp.We had him xrayed and no signs of dysplasia and his spine is straight and fine.His leg bones are a bit bowed but vet did not seem too worried.He also is very hyper and has a hard time calming down.Has anyone experienced anything like this with their lab puppy.Sometimes he fals down when he trys to walk.I am heartbroken for him.
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    Hi and welcome from Hattie 10 years and our rescue boy Charlie 7 years. I think if you are not happy with your pups health get a second opinion from another vet just to be sure. He is only 5 months old so he will be hyper he's just a baby so just do some training for a few minutes at a time throughout the day to tire his brain out. You could do clicker training with him to teach him good behaviours, again this will tire him out as it's not just about physical exercise.

    What's his name? :) x
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    Swimmers tail, aka cold tail, aka limp tail, aka dead tail does not only happen when swimming, when cold, but it is usually pretty limp and hanging straight down. My boy got it diving repeatedly into quite warm water and I 've read simply being cramped the wrong way in a crate can cause it. It might be part of what your puppy is experiencing but I think it's not the only thing going on. I agree with @charlie, I think a thorough Vet workup, perhaps a new Vet, is in order. Were your pups parents tested for EIC and CNM? What does you breeder say? Good luck.
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    This doesn't sound like typical swimmers tail at all.
    To me, it sounds like a spinal issue or other neurological condition needs to be ruled out.
    It almost sounds a bit like one of the muscular dystrophy conditions (that I know about in humans, I know dogs can get it from a quick google, but I am NOT a vet).
    I would definitely go back to same or other vet and be looking for a specialist referral unfortunately.
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