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    A summary of the training resources on the main website and elsewhere

    Basic obedience training
    • [li] including sit, lie down, heelwork, manners and other basic obedience[/li]

    Recall training centre
    • [li] including basic recall, training techniques, problem solving and instructional videos[/li]

    Different training methods and techniques
    • [li] an overview of popular and effective training methods and techniques[/li]

    Behaviour problems
    • [li] including barking, growling, jumping, chewing and other destructive or worrying issues[/li]

    Puppy training
    • [li] getting you off on the right foot with house training, crate training and early skills[/li]

    Gundog training
    • [li] including articles on skills, principles, methods and equipment[/li]

    Pippa's recall training book
    • [li] The premier book on recall training for dogs[/li]

    Clicker training
    • [li] including charging the clicker, why we love clicker training and some great training skills[/li]

    • [li] including explanations and implementation of this vital training skill[/li]
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