Understanding Labrador hip scoring

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    Jul 13, 2022
    Hi there,
    I’m from Australia but haven’t found an equivalent helpful forum locally.
    I have browsed through the threads and also done a fair bit of googling but would like to receive input in regards to her hip scoring (done at age 2) which is as follows:

    Norberg Angle R 3 L 1
    Subluxation R 2 L 2
    Cranial acetabular edge R 1 L 1
    Everything else 0 which gives a total of
    R 6 and L 4 - score of 10
    Breed average here in Aussie is 8.54

    elbow is 00 and all her dna tests and eye exams are perfect

    We always considered breeding her hence she’s not yet neutered however I am unsure because of her uneven hip score and because it’s above the breed average. I am not in a hurry and also not emotionally or financially attached to breeding her but I’d like to ask if it’s even worth considering and learning more about it OR if those numbers are an absolute no go.
    Thank you very much

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