Use of Muzzles? Bad or Good?

Discussion in 'Labrador Puppies' started by Annamarie Gebar, Jul 16, 2021.

  1. Annamarie Gebar

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    Jul 4, 2021
    Has anyone used a muzzle to prevent your puppy from eating things on walks? I fear using one will make my Sophie aggressive but trying to get things out of her mouth is causing biting/lunging, temper tantrums out on potty breaks.

    My friends have used them and swear by them, but I feel it's a form of punishment. Any feedback?
  2. Edp

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    Mar 16, 2014
    You will get a lot of opinions, but at this age I would never use one. It’s a developmental stage and the constant mouthing does settle with time and distractions. I would never try and take anything out of her mouth, razor sharp teeth, not a chance. I taught Meg drop, very early on. Nice juicy treat for a swop for whatever she was munching. It got us through it. I still use it now age 7, not very often but it’s a handy trick to have learnt.
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